The purpose with
Not Alone

Not Alone is a simple, modern and smart solution to a growing problem in our society.

The purpose of Not Alone is to contribute to safety for the individual and for the community.

The application will help you keep your loved ones close, easily and discreetly.

Not Alone – The Security App

Send alarm to selected contacts in insecure or emergency situations.  


Now avaliable in Sweden for iPhone and Android.

Not Alone provides:

  • Increased safety for the individual
  • A safer community
  • Help quickly in case of emergency
  • Easy and discreet functionality

Support us by Swish

Support our efforts for a safer community by swishing a contribution to the number 1234943627.

Thank you for your support!

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Would you like to become a sponsor?

Contact us at if you would like to become a sponsor and we will tell you all about our sponsor program.

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