App update
The IOS-version is now. Better performance and changes and fixes. E.g. improvements if you want to use the app while doing other things, such as listening to music etc. And soon there will be more news! The Android app will be updated very soon. The latter is currently not possible to download due to updates at Google play. But that should be fixed soon.

Should it be like this?
“When asked about insecurity about going out late in the evening in their own residential area, 30 percent of women state that they feel very or quite insecure, or so insecure that they refrain from going out at night. Among men, 9 percent say the same. ”(Source: Crime Prevention Council 2018)

Use Not Alone’s app when you feel insecure
The app works just as well when you go home in the evening, are out and exercise or are out with the dog. If you feel vulnerable, you can discreetly alert your preset contacts who may come to your aid.

The app is appreciated by both younger and older!
It’s great that more people think the app is good and useful! Unfortunately, the group that feels insecure is big. This is a major societal problem.